About Schneiders

The meat industry has changed a lot over the years, and in some ways, continues to change from day to day.

But at Schneider's Quality Meats one thing remains the same - our commitment to outstanding quality and customer service.

In an era when many family-owned meat markets are closing their doors, we're still going strong. We're still offering the personal service that has all but vanished with the proliferation of supermarket chains.

Our butchers still wear crisp white aprons, and still give you the exact cut of meat you want, still wrapped it in butcher paper, like fresh meat should be.

Schneider's Quality Meats is owned and operated y Waterloo locals Mark and Robin Lengacher.

Along with a team of knowledgeable and friendly staff, Mark is usually on hand to can help you to get the perfect cuts of meat, as well as other fine grocery items, for your family's dinner table and other special events.

Mark and Robin, along with their 20+ full and part-time staff members, believe that every customer deserves the very best cuts of meat, the very best service, and the absolute best value for their hard-earned dollar.

Since 1966, Schneider's Quality Meats has served Monroe County and the surrounding vicinity. Come, see and taste the difference at Schneider's Quality Meats.

"What sets us apart is that we know our customers and we know their families. That's why we are so committed to providing outstanding products, fair prices, and excellent customer service. This has been our philosophy since day one and will continue."
Mark & Robin Lengacher


We say it a lot, but you truly CAN taste the difference when you shop at Schneider's Quality Meats. We take great pride in our products - particularly our award-winning fresh sausages, smoked sausages, and smoked meats.

Every sausage you see in the case is made right here and is inspected by the state daily! There are many sausage makers in Southern Illinois and we carry all of the products for them to make their homemade sausages.

Browse our 60-foot meat case for an array of award-winning products. We carry 40 different types of bratwursts, including our award-winning original bratwursts, Jared's Apple bratwursts, Grizzlie bratwursts (bacon and sauerkraut) and Jalapeno and Cheese. All of our bratwursts are made right here in the store! 

Don't forget to try our store-made, award-winning fresh pork sausage flavors and our award-winning smoked summer sausage varieties! We carry the traditional beef and jalapeno and cheese, of course, but we also offer seasonal summer sausages in unusual flavors such as Cranberry, Cherry and Blueberry!

In our smoked meat case, we also carry an array of smoked items from Beef Jerky, Smokies and Smoked Turkey Breast, to Krackow, Franks, award-winning Polish Sausage and Schneider's Homemade Bologna.

While you're here... sample any fully cooked/smoked product in the case. Meat lovers have trusted Schneider's Quality Meat's commitment to smoke only the highest quality cuts and best tasting beef and sausage available. Our strict quality standards help ensure the meat we sell is safe, healthy, nutritious, and delicious.

Our full-service meat counter is staffed by meat professionals, ready to answer your questions and give advice on the proper cuts to be used for your upcoming meal.

Quality and innovation has earned us our outstanding reputation in Southern Illinois and awards at the Illinois Association of Meat Processors convention. We take pride in being your neighborhood supermarket and always give you the kind of service with a personal touch that we're famous for!

Schneider's Quality Meats uses only the highest quality ingredients available. We hand weigh each batch of seasoning to ensure outstanding quality. Try our award winning sausages and taste for yourself. You'll see why people come back again and again to Schneider's Quality Meats.

Some of our awards include: