Why is the final amount different from what I saw when I placed my order online?

The initial amount is based on the estimated pounds of items you ordered. The final amount you are charged includes the exact poundage of any meats or cheeses you ordered. Taxes are also included in the final amount.

Can I order less than a pound of the kind of meat or cheese that I like?

Yes. You can order a minimum of 1/2 pound online. If you’d like a smaller portion than that, you’ll have to come into the store.

Do you deliver?

At this time, we do not deliver. If we receive enough inquires, we may consider delivery in the future.

Will you bring my order out to my car?

Yes. If you would like us to bring your order out to your car, please call the store at 618-939-5252 when you arrive. Please be sure your order is scheduled for pick up before driving to the store.

Are the prices online the same as prices in the store?

We do our best to update prices online as quickly as possible to match what we have in store.

Can I order steak boxes, meat bundles, brat of the month gifts and catering items online?

Yes absolutely! You can find them under the Gifts and Catering tabs.

Can I use a Schneider's gift card in the online store?

Yes. In order to use one a gift card purchased in our store on our website, you'll need to proceed through checkout as normal. Then, provide us with the full number on the back of your gift card in the Special Instructions area on the Checkout Page. When we process your order, we will deduct the amount of the gift card from the order total.

What is the extra "fee" I see on my order total?

Some of our items are taxes at a higher sales tax rate than others. When we process and pack your final order, we have to add in the additional sales tax for those items (typically things like beverages, charcoal, etc.) That additional sales tax shows up on your final receipt as a "fee."